Vend2Go Philosophy


Our mission is to create and provide high quality products that work in the required usage application.

Vend2Go is your reliable brand of choice for quality, value and innovation. At Vend2Go through active relationship building we enable our professional clients to focus on their sales and to achieve maximum productivity, while we take care of the supply chain fulfilment. This is done by producing high quality products and introducing innovative designs to bring about a sustainable competitive advantage.

-Paper Cups:
Vend2Go cups come in multiple sizes and various designs that are visually appealing and constantly changing in order to keep customers and users alike excited about the new designs. Packaging, design and quality are done to the highest standards in order to keep customers satisfied.

In order to reduce risk for Vend2Go customers the Cups are constantly monitored by our quality controllers during manufacturing and dispenser drop cup testing is done during every production. This is done to ensure a fully functioning cup that is reliable.

-Complete Vending Package:
Vend2Go believes in offering the complete vending package. This includes matching lids to reduce spillage and sleeves that reduce heat temperature when users grip the cup. The complete package is to offer a vending option that is appealing, safe to use and produced of high quality materials.

Most importantly, the board and plant based laminate are sourced from FSC certified paper mills that fully manage sustainable and renewable plantations and are fully compliant with the most recent EU Timber Regulations.

Design 9oz Vending Paper Cup

Available Sizes:
- 7, 9 and 12 oz